I finally feel like myself again…

I’ve felt incomplete for the longest time.
I didn’t know what to do with myself.
I wasn’t Justine.
But now, I’m complete.
I just feel it.

After I broke my first one… I was devastated.
But… I finally bought a new stack of toe rings.
I am complete again.
I am Justine :]

I wish you loved me as much as I love you, thought about me as much as I think about you and the way I think about you, care about me the way I care about you and as much as I care about you.

I just wish you would feel for me the way I feel for you. You wouldn’t imagine how it is for me…it’s almost too unbearably strong.

Sometimes I feel like an idiot for feeling so strongly about you. But I’m not wrong for feeling all that I do for you.

I just wish I was your everything like you are mine.

Date Night with the Girlfriend!

Got picked up by Michelle a.k.a. my girlfriend, a.k.a. my other boyfriend.

Went on a hot date to the movies and watched Chronicle.

[ If you have yet to see Chronicle I suggest you go see it as soon as possible before it chronicles away from theaters. It was by far the best, most amazing movie on my list. It was freakin’ awesoooome!! I want it to happen to me…except for the bad parts. And the nose bleeding. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the movie. Michelle and I were so sucked into it, AFTER the movie we were being so…weird and…chronicle-y. Could not stop talking about it. So yeah. Do see it. Trust me. You’ll think your life is boring, meaningless, and pathetic after you watch it. Nike. Just do it. ]

So that was just a small side note of my rantings about a movie…..

But aaanyways, after the best movie ever, we went to Applebee’s {2 for $20 dinner with spinach and artichoke dip and two oriental chicken salads} then chronicled home.

And now I’m in bed with nothing but a band-aid on, under my blanket, ready to sleep and dream of a better life. One which entails my life being like that of the movie Chronicle.

Good night non-believers


For me
“Lubs” is the equivalent of
“I love you”
Because I’m Filipino
“I lub you”
(“I lubs you”)
Explains it.
It’s what I say sometimes
It’s also what I call him
He recently started saying
When I would say “I love you”
I wouldn’t say anything at all
And he would be the first to say it
My response:
“Lub you too”
“Lubs you too”
“Love you too”

He started to say it instead

He says it first sometimes too

Made me smile when I thought
of all this.

I lub him.

1:40 am

I took a painkiller to make myself sleep. It’s my friend’s mom’s prescription and the shit worked last time but this time I only slept half an hour and now I’m awake only to endure the long ass hours til the morning. I’m tired and sleepy as fuck but I can’t sleep and I’m pretty sure because of all my bitching and whining and sad bitch ass posts, we all know why I can’t sleep tonight.

I’m bitter, I’m cranky, I’m hungry and pissed off.
Ugh I’m such an ugly person.